About myFoodWeek

I’ve been doing this for years.  I don’t know how many.  I have a wiki of recipes and I look at the food ad at my local Kroger and figure out what we’re having for the week.  We shop on the weekend, but the ad comes out Wednesday so generally, the menu, which we’ve referred to as “food week” for … however long … has been made up around Wednesday or Thursday.

I used to feed four people, but now it’s three, as my daughter has spread her wings:

  • Me:  I’m a bit heftier than I want to be so I’m trying to eat fewer carbs.  Since I make the menu, this is reflected in the food choices. Though sometimes not—I’ll choose to have a smaller portion of the rice/pasta/etc.
  • My spouse:  He’s also a bit heftier.  He buys his own breakfast food and some of his own lunch.
  • My son: He is huge at 6’3″ and a lot of pounds.  He’s also an adult, currently studying welding at community college.

In addition to the dinners, I make mason jar salads for my lunch and my husband’s lunch.  See the page on them.

My breakfast is typically yogurt and/or hard-cooked eggs.  I buy the Kroger Carbmaster yogurt which they don’t even call “yogurt” but it’s a yogurt-like product and is stocked in the yogurt section.

I figure since I’m already making the menu and linking the recipes, I can just as well share.