We moved and lost the table plugin I was using… here we go again. It’s kind of like starting over.  The menus have a new look that I’m not sure I’m fond of. The recipes are all here and I’ll be rebuilding the index soon.

Nothing really is on sale this week that we eat.  Ribeye roasts and spiral-sliced hams and the like, but … you see the issue.  So we’re eating from the freezer.  The week I was gone, pork loin was on sale so I laid in some and that comes out of the freezer for two meals.  Also, when I buy chicken thighs, there are ten in a package but I only use eight so the two extra go into the freezer and I tend to accrue thighs.  A while back, ground chuck was buy-one-get-one-free and I did that for a three-pound chub so I have chuck in the freezer, too.